I turn complex information from multiple sources into one coherent story. In some cases I write a report, roadmap, e-book or brochure starting from scratch, including strategic views and best practices. In other projects I provide structure and clear messaging based on existing content. Concise texts and infographics.

Content creation
For magazines, whitepapers, apps, blogs, online communities, workshops and training materials. Exploring meaningful content for augmented publications.

Knowledge sharing

There are many learnings from innovation projects, waiting to be shared with the right audiences. Clear communication of both end results and  learnings along the way will improve the success of projects. I communicate knowledge, best practices and success factors between networks. This includes the dissemination of the results of European Commission projects.

Training writing skills
Training individuals and teams in effective writing skills.


Identifying people’s stories in organisations and teams. What are they proud of? What are the differentiators in the things they do and achieve? Internal and external communication.